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Glass is an aggressively vetted and trusted material for overall health and for the environment. It is comprised of natural minerals and is chemically inert, non-leaching and non-toxic. The FDA qualifies glass as the only food and beverage packaging material generally regarded as safe for use by humans. This ‘GRAS’ classification allows glass to be used for food and beverage applications without toxicity testing. No other material has garnered this approval.


It is very difficult—if not impossible—to know what leaching toxins may be present in the items we use for our pets every day. Using glass pet bowls in your home creates one stopgap you can consciously control.



Each PawNosh bowl reclaims and recycles a minimum of (4) 8oz. glass containers as well as industrial glass that would otherwise meet an untimely demise in landfill.


Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled infinitely without
loss in quality or purity. 
The manufacturer of our bowls has recycled close to 7,000,000 glass containers to date in the production of recycled glass items. In partnership with PawNosh, we aim to grow that number by leaps and bounds. Manufacturing bowls from 100% recycled glass—as opposed to creating bowls from raw materials—results in a 20–30% reduction in energy usage. Energy is conserved because recycled glass liquifies at a significantly lower temperature than the temperature required to melt and fuse raw materials.


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