UPDATED 12/15/20

Hello friends,

Though we had hoped to be able to offer replenished inventory this holiday shopping season, our testing has been further delayed and we will not be stocked until January-February 2021.
Varied factors contributed to the delay, but most notably, developing and matching our special colors. We have had to start from scratch with our new partner in terms of all of the nuances of how color pigments interact with molten glass, and re-learn how environmental factors such as weather and temperature affect the behavior of pressed glass. We have also learned that working in small sample batches is not the same as working with larger volumes. This was IP gathered and honed over years with our former partner, and it has taken time to replicate/recreate these processes. 

We hope to have Aqua back in stock in January 2021. Tangerine testing also continues and we are hopeful to be able to offer the same color, though this is pending. Celery inventory is now low and we will be out of stock after the holidays. Our plan is to begin color testing on Celery in January. 

This year has been one of great change, and it has taxed our resources as a small business. We remain optimistic and look forward to being back in the swing for 2021.

Thank you everyone for your continued support, kind words, and patience in bearing with our delays. If you have any specific questions, concerns or feedback please feel free to reach out to me directly at the email address below.

Please be safe, healthy, and well. Happy Holidays.

All the best, 
Sachi Ushihara
Founder, PawNosh



Hello Friends,


We hope this business update finds you safe and healthy as we collectively navigate this unprecedented time. At PawNosh, this has been a period to reinforce and reflect on what is most important in our lives, both individually and in the lives of those we care for.

When we launched PawNosh in 2013, we partnered with a wonderful group of people in Humboldt County, California, operating a handmade glass housewares business by the name of Fire & Light. Our shared business ethos and goals were tightly aligned, and, most importantly, we respected and liked one another at a fundamental level. A group of good people, hoping to do good business, together.


In early 2019, we regrettably learned that our friends at Fire & Light would be retiring their business, and with it, their capacity to continue to manufacture our bowls. It has been a difficult process of saying goodbye to this business relationship, without which we would not be where we are today. With profound gratitude, we undertook the process of commencing a search for a new partner, one who embraces all of the components we deem paramount: independently-operated, family-owned, U.S.-based, sustainably-minded. Good people, looking to do good business, together.


Our exhaustive search has proven successful, and we are elated to share that we will continue to manufacture our bowls here in the United States.


Regarding inventory availability, our dates continue to shift as we work through production details with our new partner. We are currently crossing fingers for production runs of both Aqua and Tangerine in November, with inventory available in December. We are running low on Celery inventory at this time and hope to produce more Celery inventory in December/January.

The QA process for refining our desired colors has proven to be a lengthy process, however we feel it is important to invest the time and energy now to ensure the end product is one that will be well loved by our customers.

Please stay tuned here for updates on our progress.


Our heartfelt thanks for your continued support over these many years, and as we move through this period of change and transition.


Please be well, and safe. 


All the best,

Sachi Ushihara

Founder, PawNosh