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PawNosh was created for this little guy. His name is Cubby. A rescue cat who was 2.5 years old when he found us in March 2012. Part human, part dog, all extraordinary.

When Cubby joined our family, we had growing safety concerns around using plastics, metals and ceramics in our own 'human' day-to-day and sought glass vessels for Cubby's food and water. The options were slim, mostly involving the repurposing of fragile glass dishes or saucers. None of which were very durable and all of which easily scooted or tipped when jostled. We wanted something substantial, something that as a fixture in our home would be beautiful to look at, and most important something safe and non-toxic for Cubby. We found nothing.


In our journey to create PawNosh, three critical facts have guided our company's priorities. They will drive our future decisionmaking and growth.


(1) Much more recyclable glass currently goes to landfill than it should. We can change that by repurposing landfill-bound glass for beautiful, functional pieces of art.


(2) There is a significant lack of regulation around what materials and potential chemicals are used in most mass-produced pet accessories. We can change that by producing a truly safe and sustainable alternative for animal companions.


(3) The U.S. glass industry and its associated manufacturing sectors have been largely decimated by offshoring, resulting in a decline in expertise, skilled labor and ultimately—American jobs. We can change that by embracing and promoting domestic craft.


PawNosh represents our own small contribution toward positive change via personal responsibility. We thank you for supporting our efforts!


made in USA
100% recycled glass
Non toxic
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