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What are your warranty terms and conditions?

PawNosh Lifetime Breakage Warranty Terms and Conditions / Updated 20 April 2014

Lifetime Breakage Warranty is immediately voided if bowl is microwaved, used in conventional oven, or freezer. Barring the previously noted conditions, all breakage is covered for the lifetime of the piece. Customers requesting replacement should send an email to with subject line 'WARRANTY'. Please include serial number of damaged item, which can be found on the bottom rim of bowl, and on the certificate of authenticity which accompanied original delivery. Please explain how the bowl was broken. Please attach 1 to 2 good-quality photographs which clearly show the breakage. Replacement CANNOT be honored without photographic documentation of damage, and no exceptions to this policy will be made. Warranty is only valid for identical replacement (same size and color). Please contact us for additional inquiries regarding warranty policies.


Is my bowl dishwasher-safe?

Yes! All PawNosh products are dishwasher-safe. Please note our bowls are NOT microwave-, oven- or freezer-safe. As with all glass items, we recommend against exposing our bowls to extreme fluctuations in temperature. For example, please allow the bowl to cool after it is removed from the dishwasher before adding very cold water.


Are the bowls unbreakable?

No. While all PawNosh products are designed to be durable enough to be supported with a lifetime breakage warranty, the bowls are still glass and can break or crack via a strong impact. But with reasonable care, the bowl is designed to be durable enough to last a lifetime of everyday use.


Can I use my PawNosh bowl outside?

PawNosh bowls are safe for use outdoors. NOTE: Because glass has refractory and magnifying properties, we recommend against using our bowls in prolonged direct sunlight.


Where are your products made?

All PawNosh products are designed and manufactured in the United States. Our recycled glass is sourced in California.


What aesthetic attributes should I expect to see in a recycled glass piece?

PawNosh bowls are individually poured and pressed, and as a result each piece will be unique. The following are some common features you may find in your bowl. We consider these features an organic and interesting component of fashioning our products from recycled materials. We aggressively QA all products and only first-rated items are made available for sale.

1. Slight variations in a same color from batch to batch

2. Variations in texture of glass from batch to batch. Texture is a result of the convergence of mold temperature, molten glass temperature, and ambient temperature and will vary.

3. Bubbles are a common element in all recycled glass and is a result of the remelting process.

4. There may be very small dots of brownish or white flecks. This is unmelted or slower-melting color pigment, or furnace stones.

5. Small variations in thickness of walls, bowl bases, and rims. These details are controlled by pressure and will vary based on the artisan who is making your bowl.

6. Small variations (+/- .3 lbs) in weight. Molten glass is hand-ladled and poured.


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