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PawNosh is dedicated to the production of innovative glass pet bowls. PawNosh bowls are non-toxic, made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass, and are designed and manufactured here in the USA. We believe our products fill a critical void for a safe, sustainable and responsibly-produced alternative for animal companions.


It is very difficult for consumers to fully investigate or ascertain what chemicals may be present in most pet food and water vessels. Bowls made of plastic can leach BPA and other toxic chemicals. There have been cases of radioactive materials infiltrating the production process for stainless steel bowls. And if improperly fired, the glazes on ceramic bowls may leach lead. PawNosh believes that pets deserve a high level of diligence paid toward how their food and water are served in the home.


PawNosh also hopes to revolutionize consumer perception around the fragility of glass and its untapped applications for pets. Our products are exceedingly durable investment pieces, and are meant to last a lifetime. To demonstrate our level of commitment to durability, every bowl sold carries an indefinite warranty against breakage.


Non toxic
100% recycled glass
made in USA
Our Philosophy
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